Application for a communication permit

To use the documents in the collection of the ELTE University Library and Archives, you can request a communication permit at the following contacts:

If you request for a communication permit, please, provide the following information:

  • personal name (including title) or institution name;
  • postal address (private or institutional address);
  • which document(s) you want to consent to (data required for accurate identification: author, title, year of publication, collection reference, page number, etc.);
  • the use of the document (publication in a standalone publication, study volume or periodical, exhibition launch, etc.);
  • if you are requesting a permit for publication, please, provide the main details of the publication (title / work title, publisher’s name, place and year of publication, nature of the work: educational, scientific, etc.);
  • in case of an exhibition, please, indicate the title (work title), location, duration, etc. of the exhibition.

The publication of a communication permit is subject to a communication fee.

With a communication permit, you can order copies of the documents in the format and resolution you want using the form below:

Source/author of illustration: