ELTE Librarians’ Day

On the 2nd of September 2022, ELTE Librarians’ Day took place at the Library of Faculty of Law – after an unintentional 3-year break. Arriving guests received a catalogue card with a small embroidered bookmark, made and hidden by our colleague Erzsébet Sánta. During the day, our mini exhibition displayed our librarians' hobbies and leisure activities. Throughout the event, Vivi and Nassim from Café Vivina treated us to coffee specialities.

The event focused on the changes in the three years since COVID. The programme started with presentations by the library directors on their tasks and achievements in the past period. Further, Ágnes Koreny, Deputy Director General of Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library, gave a spellbinding lecture on the future challenges and possible solutions for academic libraries. Finally, the day ended with a funny quiz. The prize, a cake made by our colleague Gabriella Bagu, was a real treat for everyone.

Source/author of illustration:
ELTE Library of the Faculty of Law