On Thursday, December 7, from 13.00, the Circulation Room, the Research Room, and the smaller reading rooms will be closed due to the event. We provide learning opportunities between 13.00. and 22.00 in the Reading Hall and in the ground floor Training Room.

MTMT administration

MTMT institute coordinators and administrators

Central information and administration:

mtmt@lib.elte.hu (Dóra Szabó)

The lecturers and students of ELTE can register into the system independently on the site of MTMT. With their requests and questions related to uploading and checking, they can primarily look for faculty and institute coordinators, as well as administrators.

Faculty of Law

Ildikó Szekér (librarian)
E-mail: szeildiko@ajk.elte.hu
Extension: 3166

Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Needs Education

Faculty Coordinator:

Krisztina Bergmann (Head of library)
E-mail: bergmann.krisztina@barczi.elte.hu
Extension: 5538

Faculty Admin:

Ferenc Sot (librarian)
E-mail: sot.ferenc@barczi.elte.hu

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty Admin – Institute of Germanic Studies, Institute of Archeological Science Admin:

Edit Markó-Markechné Zelei (librarian)
E-mail: zelei.edit@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 2911

Institute of Philosopy, Doctoral School of Philosophy Admin:

Veronika Hartl (librarian)
E-mail: hartl.veronika@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5192

Institute of Library and Information Science, Institute of Language Mediation Admin:

Teodóra Kulcsár-Tabajdi (librarian)
E-mail: tabajdi.teodora@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 2355

Institute of Hungarian Literature and Cultural Studies, Doctoral School of Literary Studies Admin:

István Zahari (librarian)
Extension: 5120

Institute of Hungarian Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies, Institute of Arts Communication and Music, Doctoral School of Linguistics Admin:

Zsófia Zádori (librarian)
E-mail: zadori.zsofia@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5160

Institute for the Theory of Arts and Media Studies, School of English and American Studies Admin:

Krisztina Szigeti (librarian)
E-mail: szigeti.krisztina@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 2355

Institute of Art History, Institute of East Asian Studies Admin:

Ágnes Ágai (librarian)
E-mail: agai.agnes@btk.elte.hu
Telefon/ELTE mellék: 5159

Institute of Ethnograpy and Folklore, Doctoral School of History Admin:

Éva Ildikó Kopaszné Szincsok (librarian)
E-mail: szincsok.ildiko@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5203, 5142

Institute of Ancient and Classical Studies Institute Admin:

Kata Pártay (librarian)
E-mail: partay.kata@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5445

Institute of Oriental Studies Admin:

Eszter Kedvessy (administrator of registrar office)
E-mail: kedvessy.eszter@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5397

Institute of Romance Studies Admin:

Éva Pohl (librarian)
E-mail: pohl.eva@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5768

Institute of Slavonic and Baltic Philology Admin:

György Rágyanszki (assistant lecturer)
E-mail: ragyanszki.gyorgy@btk.elte.hu
Extention: 5252

Institute of Historical Studies Admin:

Andrea Zámodicsné Jókuti Andrea (librarian)
E-mail: z.jokuti.andrea@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5159

BTK - Admin of international students:

Anna Mester (librarian)
E-mail: mester.anna@btk.elte.hu
Extension: 5159

Faculty of Economics


Fruzsina Pataki (IT librarian)
E-mail: pataki.fruzsina@lib.elte.hu
Extesion: 3432

Faculty of Informatics

Faculty Admin:

Gabriella Németh (head of library)
E-mail: nemethg@inf.elte.hu
Extension: 8567, 8139

Faculty Admin:

Tibor Szabó (librarian)
E-mail: szatibor@inf.elte.hu
Extension: 8567, 8139

Faculty of Education and Psychology

Education Science Admin:

Andrea Dömsödy (librarian)
E-mail: domsody.andrea@ppk.elte.hu
Extension: 3807

Psychology Admin:

Klára Horváth (librarian)
E-mail: horvath.klara@ppk.elte.hu
Extension: 5665

Savaria University Centre


József Ibriksz (librarian)
E-mail: ibriksz.jozsef@sek.elte.hu
Phone: +36-94-504-368


Kyri Nagyné Korompai (librarian)
E-mail: nagyne.korompai.kyri@sek.elte.hu
Phone: +36-94-504-368

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty Coordinator:

Kriszta Egri (head of library)
E-mail: egri.krisztina@tatk.elte.hu
Extension: 6879

Faculty Admin:

Tímea Nagy (librarian)
E-mail: nagytimea@tatk.elte.hu
Extension: 6153

Faculty of Primary and Pre-School Education

Faculty Admin:

Dávid Kontra (assistant librarian)
Extension: 6955

Faculty of Science

Faculty Coordinator:

Iván Csámer (librarian)
E-mail: mtmt@ttk.elte.hu
Extension: 8031

Institute of Physics Admin:

Rebeka Solti (IT librarian)
E-mail: mtmt@ttk.elte.hu
Extension: 8562

Institute of Chemistry Admin:

Anett Lövei (IT librarian)
Extension: 6131

Institute of Mathematics Admin:

Regina Szabó (assistant librarian)
E-mail: mtmt@ttk.elte.hu
Extension: 8562

Institute of Geography and Earth Science Andmin:

Iván Csámer (librarian)
E-mail: mtmt@ttk.elte.hu
Extension: 8031

Institute of Biology Admin

Regina Szabó (assistant librarian)
E-mail: mtmt@ttk.elte.hu
Extension: 8562

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